Installation / 1999

Travail in situ réalisé par José Pereira et Marcelo Valente, dans le cadre de l'exposition collective Quartel - 25 anos de Arte e Trabalho à Porto, Portugal.


Quartel. arte trabalho revolução 1999
Performance nas ruas da cidade do porto + instalação labirintho porto

Quartel («Barracks») Art Work Revolution
Unlike most initiatives that are trapped back in time and just celebrate, for the sake of it, the Revolution of April,Quartel is a huge happening in which the artists occupy the whole town, artists that "by their age, were not part of the revolutionary times", whose work "speaks about memory or its absence, forgetfulness; work and its backfires, lazy moments and unemployment; freedom and revolution". The "Operations plan" is developed through installations, happenings, performances, briefings and rallies. Events "generated from affections and the will to be different in relation to the new domination ideological apparatuses". Quartel stands as a war machine, a space of freedom, that "stimulates a questioning attitude towards contemporary realities, against the actual political impotence".

Store en plastique, carton