Atelier Optique / Performance audiovisuel / 2009

OHP Surface - The art of the overhead Festival / Malmö - Suede

Diaporama de la performance

AROUND is a performance based on the exploration of the space between an overhead projector and its projection surface. It is a progressive discovery of some pieces of an image, constructed in deepness in the space around the overhead. From one single picture, two performers extract fragments helped by mirror reflexions. Step by step, they create stories from the elements of the image, and keep traces of the performance evolution to create a final environment made of projections, drawings, texts and sounds.

The Art of the Overhead 2009 is organized as an OHPen Surface, on the one hand standing for the OHPen Surface of the huge, literally underground festival location inside of Stapelbäddsparken in the Malmö west harbour, and on the other hand standing for the OHPen Surface of the overhead projector itself.

Extrait de la performance